Mountain Biking
Last minute Elba
Last minute Elba
Last minute Elba
Its beauty and conformation make
the Island of Elba an ideal destination for a mountain biking holiday.

Within just a few kilometres, riders can pedal across wild beaches
along mountain ridges with breathtaking views, or along woodland paths
they can stop to explore ancient ruins and linger to appreciate
the history of the most fascinating sites, refresh themselves at springs.

Very steep climbs through vegetation
that changes as fast as all the surrounding landscape, or quiet woodland trails
Free-Ride descents towards the sea through colours and intoxicating fragrances
and regenerating stops to admire the view that changes at every bend.

Mountain bike routes for all tastes and all levels,
from the uplands of the Monte Capanne granite massif
which dominates the whole of the Tuscan Archipelago
from its 1,000 metres above sea level, with mountain vegetation and fauna
to the equally spectacular rides through the mining park
of western Elba, on the other side of the island, through sand made reddish
multicoloured and iridescent by the iron ores it contains.

Two contrasting worlds, close together and both fascinating
waiting to be discovered with the guides of our mountain biking centre.
The Spectacular Trails of Western Elba
Exploring the Mining Area Military
Outposts of the II World War
The Big Crossing
The Island of Pianosa by Mountain Bike
The Island's Peaks
Last minute Elba

Last minute Elba

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