Hotel Isola d'Elba
Hotels Elba Island Tuscany
Hotels Elba Island Tuscany
Hotel Isola d'Elba
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Trekking on Elba
means retracing the thousands of years of history
of its inhabitants from the prehistoric caves
to the ancient stone upland villages, discovering Etruscan furnaces
and fortresses visiting the Romans' ancient granite quarries
and venturing into the heart of the earth, into the old iron mines,
discovering the places where iron was extracted from the rock
for thousands of years, and reliving the times of the Saracen raids
by visiting battlefields and defensive fortresses.

But the most fascinating thing about trekking on the Island of Elba
is the huge variety of scenarios, colours and fragrances,
starting from the geological conformations with more than 150 geological types
within just a few kilometres generating great variety in the colours
of the environment and the beaches below.

Not to mention the variety of the flora, which enables the walker to admire
the coastal vegetation of the sandy or rocky beaches,
passing the flowers and fragrances of rosemary and lavender, which then give way
to broom strawberry tree, myrtle and other species typical of the maquis
and on to the oak woods before climbing further to the chestnut and conifer woodland
of the peaks of the Capanne massif.

But as well as the great variety of flowers
(there are more than 40 species of orchid alone, some of them native only to the island)
every walk is surrounded by the sounds of Elba's birdlife
from the seabirds to the mountain species of the Capanne massif
where mouflon, splendid kings of the uplands, will also be seen
The Roman Columns
The Iron Mines
The Granite Paths
The Upland Churches
The Shepherds' Paths
The Ginevro Mine
Hotel Isola d'Elba Hotels Elba Island Tuscany

Hotel Isola d'Elba | Hotels Elba Island Tuscany

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