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Elba 4 Star

Elba 4 Star

The perfect synthesis of luxury and cordiality

Elba 4 Star

The perfect synthesis of luxury and cordiality

If you have ever thought that the exclusivity of luxury could not coexist with the warmth of an authentic cordiality, you have not sojourned in one of the hotels of the Elba 4 Star of the Isola d’Elba.

The De Ferrari family and its exceptional staff, for more than fifty years, has cared for the Hotel Hermitage, the Hotel Biodola and the Hotel del Golfo knowing precisely how to revolutionize the concept of “luxury.”

They have passionately dedicated their careers to the concept of sumptuousness rendering this notion so welcoming for guests that they automatically feel right at home.  

Elba 4 Star

Discover our philosophy

Our hotels

Each hotel is a journey in itself

The Hotel Hermitage, Hotel Biodola and the Hotel del Golfo are the most exclusive hotels on Elba Island. 

Each one possesses its very own distinct style and unique stimulating atmosphere.

Yet, the three offer a very high level of professionalism with a very qualified staff and exclusive services not found in any other hotel on Elba Island.

Elba 4 Star

Learn where we are located

Right in the heart of Elba Island

With sea views

Our hotels are situated directly on the Biodola or Procchio beaches which are two of the most suggestive coastal areas on the island.

Here you will be immersed in a paradise composed of white sand, crystal-clear waters, perfumed fragrances of the Mediterranean, and unbelievable panoramas.

You will find the time to care for yourself and leave the rest of the world behind.