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Elba Island as you have never seen it

In 1814, Napolean chose to exile himself on Elba Island. He praised it for “the sweetness of its traditions, its inhabitants, and the kindness of its weather.” Today, two-hundred years on, Elba Island still possesses that dazzling fascination that continues to bewitch travelers, politicians, celebrities, lovers of the sea, families and couples in love. The hotels of the Elba 4 Star offers you a privileged vantage point where you can live and admire Elba Island. The Hotel Hermitage and the Hotel Biodola are located on the Biodola Beach—the most exclusive on the island. The Hotel del Golfo is situated directly on the sandy beaches of Procchio—just a short distance on foot to the center of town.

Discover Elba Island

Story and area

Etruscan remains, adventures of pirates, Emperors, ancient monuments...

Elba Island is not only synonymous with the sea and splendid sunshine, it is also a territory rich with history. Small villages, noble villas, caves and mines where the etchings of history intertwine...

Visitors are left with extraordinary stories to listen to in silence. Visit the place where Napoleon spent his exile, the national park, the old village homes. Discover an Elba Island you never imagined existed. 

National park

Elba Island, along with the Isole di Giannutri, Capraia, Gorgona, Montecristo, Giglio and Pianosa, make up part of the Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano — a marine universe fascinating and rich with natural marvels.

Let us organize for you an excursion by sea to discover magical sights and isolated places where you will lose all track of time and space. A crystal-clear sea, arbutus berry plants, myrtle and mastic trees will surround you all the time. 

Beaches and coastal areas

If there is one thing Elba Island does not lack it is beaches. Feel the pebbles, the fine sand and the cliffs of polished granite. It is not difficult to find these marvels.

Staying with us in one of our hotels you can enjoy the beauty of Biodola and Procchio. However, if you wish to discover more, you can visit Cavoli, a very long beach to our south, and the much-visited Fetovaia, Seccheto or Chiessi, surrounded by splendid cliffs ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Where Napoleon dwelt

The memory of Napoleon's sojourn on the island is still a vivid memory that flourishes in the noble villas of the area and in those locales he frequented before planning his running away to attempt to reconquer his Empire.

Visit the museum Villa dei Mulini, experience its magnificent view of Portoferraio, and Napoleon's summer residence Villa di San Martino, in the garden of which he passed a great deal of his time reading and meditating

Guided tours

Let us be your guide to see the most beautiful sights on the island—by land, by sea. On board a yacht or a sailing boat, on horseback, or on a mountain bike.

We know how to lead you on your search to discover isolated bays, beaches reachable only by boat, underwater wreckage, mule rides among charming castles, and aged small villages from where you will be able to view unforgettable panoramas. 

Sports and leisure time activities

Thanks to its configuration and its mild climate, Elba Island can afford visitors many open-air sports' activities for both adults and children.

Swimming, sailing, snorkeling, windsurf, diving, trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking are just some of the activities among which you might choose.

If you are one of our guests, you will have the opportunity to use our 9 tennis courts (8 clay courts; 1 synthetic) and our exclusive 9-hole golf course with its stupendous seaside panorama.

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