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When hospitality is a family tradition

The story of the Elba 4 Star possesses emotional elements that remind one of a great adventure and those romantic
ones that are fairytale-like with a very, very happy ending.
It is the story of a very special island. A one-of-a-kind island. The Elba Island. It is a family story that for generations has made
it their vocation to host guests: The De Ferrari Family..

Today, the Elba 4 Star is considered the most prestigious and exclusive hotels on Elba Island. The Hotel Hermitage, the Hotel Biodola and the Hotel del Golfo.
The De Ferrari Family,


Our hotels' story

The 1950s

it all began in 1955 when two young lovers who were descendants of a noble Genoese family, Paolo e Ileana De Ferrari,
were introduced to Biodola for the first time. They feasted their eyes on a bay that possessed a stupefacient beauty.
They immediately fell in love with the turquoise waters, the fine sands and the Mediterranean,
sea beauty that framed the beaches.
At that time it was an oasis of peacefulness reached only via the sea. Fascinated with this natural spectacle, Paolo and Ileana decided to initiate their daring adventure: to construct their first hotel, the Hotel Hermitage.

The 1970s

Their story went further on: Thinking to preserve the unpolluted nature of the Bay of Biodola, they acquired all the land around the sandy shores. In 1973
they opened theHotel Biodola, a structure set in an informal charm totally respectful of its surrounding environment.

The 1980s

In the 1980s, the entrepreneur Mario Camerini decided to put up for sale his very special:Hotel del Golfo,
that for years had served as an icon of style and cordiality for Elba Island.
It had been the meeting up destination for artists, sports personalities,
intellectuals and movie and stage stars.
To make sure that such an inheritance was to be taken on by experienced hotel managers, someone who knew the art of hospitality had to be found. Someone who would preserve the excellence of the structure.
Only the De Ferrari were capable of living up to this enormous task. For generations they had occupied themselves cultivating their hospitality finesse, and who could be better than those who had guided with majesty the other two hotels on Biodola? Only they could take on this challenge and come out winners.

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